Leave the hard work to Quality Stone Restoration

carpet glue removal

glue removal

Quality Stone Restoration has the tools to make quick work of an otherwise daunting task.


grind away thinset

Remaining thinset from tile demolition is no match for our grinding equipment.

resurfaced concrete patio

prep for new flooring

Concrete needs to be properly prepared for a good installation of other flooring types.


grueling prepwork.  leave it to us.

If you don’t have the right tools, removing the leftovers from old flooring will be a nightmare.  Leave the hard work to Quality Stone Restoration.  We have the tooling and equipment to prep your floor right, without you breaking a sweat.

We understand that timing is important when prepping your concrete for new flooring.  Quality Stone Restoration doesn’t rush, but we work efficiently to deliver results, minimizing the downtime of other contractors.

efficiency is key

Weight can greatly increase the speed at which prepwork can take place.  We use dedicated, heavy-weight grinders, with the capability to add more weight, to reduce the amount of passes needed to remove the obsticles to your new floor.  We employ HEPA filter dust collection units to keep the mess to a minimum, so when we’re done, the next contractor team can get right to work.

old concrete garage

out with the old, in with the new

your concrete, ready for the next stage

resurfaced concrete garage floor